Aventura League Directors

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Co-Owner/Director of Aventura Sports - Donald Krumrie         dkrumrie@aventurasports.com
Co-Owner/Director of Aventura Sports - Francis Rajotte           frajotte@aventurasports.com

Aventura Sports Sponsorship Director- Angie Wagner                 awagner@aventurasports.com

Aventura Basketball League Director - Donald Krumrie              dkrumrie@aventurasports.com

Aventura Girls Soccer League Director - Michele Suso                  msuso@aventurasports.com

Aventura Boys Soccer League Director - Donald Krumrie                         dkrumrie@aventurasports.com

Aventura After School K-8 Basketball League Directors - Donald Krumrie       dkrumrie@aventurasports.com 
                                                                                                   Francis Rajotte         frajotte@aventurasports.com

Aventura After School K-3 Soccer League Directors Donald Krumrie       dkrumrie@aventurasports.com
                                                                                               Francis Rajotte          frajotte@aventurasports.com